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The need for a survey arises when land owners and/or land developers need to know where, what, and how much property they own.  A survey will show improvements (i.e. houses, barns, road, utilities), land features (i.e. streams, lakes, edge of fields) and existing boundary line evidence (i.e. iron pins, iron pipes, fence lines, stone walls, blazed tree lines) and their relationship to the parcel’s boundary.  A few examples of when a survey might be necessary are:

You want peace of mind.  Having a survey completed allows you to fully understand the boundaries of your property and know that the boundaries are actually where you believe them to be.  Boundaries can become lost or nearly invisible to the eye. Keeping a boundary line well marked can protect your investment for the future.

You are purchasing property. If you are ready to purchase a parcel of land you may be required to retain a surveyor by your lending institution.  If your lending institution does not require a survey, it is still in your best interest to have a survey completed before your closing to ensure what you are buying is actually what is described in your deed.  An updated survey will clarify what you are buying, showing potential problems and the improvements that have been made to the property and their relationship to the parcel’s boundary.

You are selling property. If you are ready to sell your property, have a survey completed to provide buyers with confidence on what they are purchasing.  Having the parcel clearly marked with survey markers allows potential buyers see the extent of what they are buying.

You are adding an addition and/ or a fence along a boundary. If you are preparing for an addition to your home or adding a garage, your town may require a survey to show that these proposed improvements will meet the zoning and building requirements set forth in your town’s zoning laws.  If you are planning a new fence line, it is in your best interest to have your boundaries verified by a surveyor and marked on the ground so the location of your boundaries are clearly visible.

You want to subdivide property.  You should retain a surveyor if you are looking to subdivide your parcel for investment or estate planning. The boundaries of the parcel to be subdivided will be surveyed and mapped allowing for subdivision parcels to be accurately described and monumented according to local and state laws.  Once subdivision plans are approved by your local town officials, the survey should be filed in the County Clerk’s Office. A surveyor will provide the required copies and information necessary for the maps to be filed.

The cost of a survey is relevant to the amount of time, the anticipated complexity, and the type of survey being performed.  Each parcel of land and each project is unique requiring our cost estimates to take into consideration the client’s needs, parcel size, location, terrain, number of adjoining parcels, and availability and condition of existing boundary line evidence. Contact us for a free cost estimate on your project.


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